Who are you?

I'm a 24 year-old guy who lives in Brazil and love to code and learn (interesting things, I have ADD so please keep boring business things away from me) ;-)

I have been on software development since 17 and I have learn a lot of languages and technologies like C++ (focused on MFC/ATL/COM), Java (I hate EJB), C# and VB. In the last few years, I was involved in projects mostly related to COM, Web frameworks, ISAPIs, security authentication/authorization (implemented using decision trees, that was really fun), aspect oriented programming (I love IBM's Hyper/J!) and so on. I've been working as software architect for a few companies since last year, a really great experience.

As you noticed, I don't hate .Net and/or Java. I work with them both and I do like them both. But as a personal opinion (and you don't have to agree) I think that Microsoft .Net is a superior plataform considering the way it was planned and the features it supports... I'm not talking about metadata, attributes etc. You should see, for instance, remoting architecture, context bound classes and several other things.

Anyway, I hate religious discussions about Java x .Net so, please, don't contact me to flame about it. We can live peacefully as there is enough room for both... yet... :-P

I spent the last few months writing an ASP.Net Advanced book which tries to explain a lot about the inner workings of ASP.Net and how this kind of knowledge could help a developer to be more productive working with ASP.Net - mainly for control authoring. Unfortunately no international publishers accepted my request so this book will be published initially only in Brazil.

I'm also a committer of Apache Avalon mainly focused on Avalon.Net implementation, not yet public available. As any Apache product software team Avalon team is a group of brilliant people who left their ego at the door. They are very patiente, funny and disposed to teach. In others words, they are great.

If you want to ask something that is not related to this project then drop me a line at



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